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Hello everyone, My name is Jem and I'm a Artist who loves drawing guys and I'm also aspiring fashion photographer :D

Art inspires me
Music helps me create
Fashion is all I dream about
Photography is what I love to do

any questions? just ask me ... I don't bite :3

Anime Expo

Will anyone be attending the Anime Expo this week in LA? I’m so excited because I’m going to LA tomorrow and will be attending all days. I’ll cosplay as Queen Beryl and Asami Sato :) If you guys are there, please come and say, “Hi” I’d love to see who follows my blog and what not. I know it’s been pretty dead but I’ll try to update more often. I’ll post pics and all that good stuff when I get back. Yay :D

— 3 months ago
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Sketched Wally West in my backyard :) sorry for being away :(

Sketched Wally West in my backyard :) sorry for being away :(

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Sketching for fun … It’s Wally West :D

Sketching for fun … It’s Wally West :D

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Anonymous asked: I need to commission you, do you take comm?


If you’d like to commission me, please email me at jcartblog (@)

— 8 months ago
Anonymous asked: Your art is stunning! :D Do you have any tutorials and what are you brush settings? >w< hope it's ok to ask you~ Have a nice week!


Thank you so much! Please forgive me for not replying sooner. I haven’t logged on in ages. I don’t have tutorials :/ I don’t have any crazy brush settings either. I have yet to explore and play with different brushes.

I have a deviantart where I have brushes I downloaded in the past in my Favorites as well as tutorials I learned a but from. But I mainly use the default round brushes on Photoshop. I’ll just change the opacity depending on what I do.

Sorry, I hope that helps

— 8 months ago
Anonymous asked: Your art is so beautiful! I really can't wait to see more. I'd love to see your take on Wally West if you're interested. :)


Thank you :) I’ve got quite a few request for Wally. I should really get on it already. Hehe

— 1 year ago